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Swami Parthasarathy

A. Parthasarathy, affectionately known as Swamiji, is a world-renowned philosopher and author of twelve books, including three best-sellers. For over fifty years he has enthralled audiences around the world with his philosophical knowledge and its practial application of life.

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Self Mastery
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Vedanta Fest

Vedanta Fest is a series of live talks by A. Parthasarathy, an annual meeting of minds, in an attempt to develop our intellect. As Swamiji promises, you come with questions and leave with an ability to answer them yourself. The event was first held at the iconic Dubai Opera in Dec 2017 and was attended by over 1800 people who converged to hear Swamiji expound on "the need of the hour". In November 2018 the event on "Making relationships work." was held at World Trade Centre.

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